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Revolax Lip Augmentation: A Comprehensive Guide

Revolax steps up the game in lip enhancement, offering a solid option with its high-quality hyaluronic acid. This guide covers it all – from what Revolax is to how it works and what results to expect.

Medical professionals get the essentials for great outcomes, while patients learn about benefits and aftercare. With immediate and lasting effects, Revolax stands out as a top choice – it’s all about safe, standout smiles that last.

Key Takeaways

  • Revolax is a popular hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler used for lip augmentation and facial contouring.
  • The procedure involves preparing the patient, injecting the filler, and providing aftercare instructions for optimal results.
  • Expected outcomes include immediate plumping of the lips, long-term volume enhancement, and potential side effects to be aware of.

Understanding Revolax Lip Augmentation

Going to the basics, let’s talk about what Revolax really is. Revolax stands out in the UK as the top pick for a dermal filler. Medical experts often use it for making lips fuller, shaping them, or reducing fine lines around the mouth.

It boasts high-quality hyaluronic acid and has earned its CE mark, showing it meets safety and effectiveness standards.

There are two types for different needs: 

  • Revolax Fine helps add subtle volume and smooth fine lines around the mouth, 
  • and Revolax Deep with Lidocaine lasts longer and is great for more noticeable lip enhancement.

Both options offer immediate results that can last from 8 to 12 months, making them an appealing choice for those looking to improve their lip appearance.

The Formulation of Revolax

Revolax stands out because it uses high-quality hyaluronic acid. In fact, Revolax Fine boasts an impressive 24mg of HA! That’s a lot of power in a tiny package for creating smooth, plump lips.

Then there’s Revolax Deep and Revolax Sub-Q, the powerhouse among them all with the thickest formula. It sticks around for quite some time—up to 12 to 18 months in your body giving lasting results.

So whether your client is looking for just a touch-up or something more durable, this range has you covered with options tuned perfectly for different needs and outcomes.

In case there are any problems or emergencies, Revolax can be easily dissolved with hyaluronidase. This makes it a safe choice for both doctors and patients.

Benefits of Revolax Lip Augmentation

Doctors choosing between Revolax lip filler vs Juvederm should know about the unique benefits of Revolax. It’s not just about adding volume; it’s also about refining the shape and texture of the lips in a way that looks natural yet striking.

Using Revolax for lip augmentation offers several benefits, including:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Minimal downtime
  • Versatility in addressing different lip concerns
  • FDA-approved for safety and efficacy

The Procedure of Revolax Lip Augmentation

Moving on to the procedure itself, let’s talk about how doctors do Revolax lip augmentations and what patients should expect during their appointment.

Preparing for the Procedure

Get your patient ready for Revolax lip augmentation by doing a few things first. Make sure they understand what will happen and how it works. Tell them to stop taking any medicine that can thin their blood, like aspirin, a week before the treatment. This reduces bleeding and bruising risks.

Also, advise them to stay away from alcohol and avoid smoking for at least 24 hours before their appointment. These steps help make sure the skin is in good shape for the treatment, leading to better results afterwards.

Explain the importance of coming with clean skin, free from makeup or lip products on the day of their procedure. Taking these simple precautions can greatly improve how well the treatment goes and how happy your patient will be with their new lips.

The process also includes consultation during with there’s a discussion with the patient about their goals and medical history. This will be necessary for selecting the appropriate amount of filler.

The Injection Process

As for the procedure itself, the doctor will start by cleaning the lip area using a special skin cleaner. This step keeps germs away and makes sure the lips are ready for treatment. Next, they might use a cream to numb the lips, ensuring comfortability during the procedure.

Then, using a fine needle, the doctor will inject Revolax into the lips. The amount depends on what look the client desires. For just a bit of change, 0.5ml is enough. But for bigger lips, 1ml is better. 

The doctor carefully puts Revolax in places where it will make the lips look best.  They aim for symmetry, fullness, and a natural look. The process doesn’t take long—usually just minutes—but skill and precision are crucial.

After injecting, they may massage the area gently to ensure an even distribution of the product within the lips. The goal is to augment, contour, and smooth out any fine lines around the mouth.

Aftercare and Recovery

Now let’s talk about taking care of your new lips after treatment.

Aftercare is simple yet vital for the best results and comfort after Revolax lip augmentation. Patients should avoid touching or pressing their lips for at least 48 hours to prevent moving the filler.

It’s normal to see some swelling and possibly bruising, but these should lessen within a week. Recommend cold packs if swelling occurs, but tell patients not to apply direct ice. They must stay hydrated, skip strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours, and not expose their treated lips to high heat or extreme cold until fully recovered.

Good oral hygiene is crucial; however, patients should be gentle around their enhanced lips. Reminding them about follow-up appointments helps ensure everything is as it should be.

Highlight that results can last from six months to a year but vary with individual cases. Side effects are rare with Revolax when used correctly—most see only minor ones like redness or tenderness at injection sites.

Expected Outcomes and Immediate Results

Patients will see instant changes with Revolax Fine, enjoying results that last from 8 to 12 months. A small amount, like 0.5ml, adds a bit of shape to the lips’ edge. If someone wants more volume, 1ml is the better choice.

For those looking for effects that stick around even longer, Revolax Deep offers smooth and full results lasting up to 18 months without moving around where it shouldn’t.

Longterm Results

Shifting from the immediate effects, Revolax continues to impress with its long-term results. Patients can enjoy fuller lips for a significant period after treatment, depending on which Revolax product was used.

Revolax Fine offers benefits lasting between 8-12 months, while Revolax Deep and Sub-Q provide lasting effects for up to 12 to 18 months. 

Notably, if there’s a need for reversal or adjustment due to emergencies or complications, Revolax fillers can be easily dissolved with hyaluronidase, ensuring peace of mind and flexibility in patient care. This feature is particularly reassuring for both practitioners and patients alike.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

Side effects are few but can happen. Most times, they’re minor — think redness or swelling at the spot where the needle went in. These usually go away fast on their own. It’s all about giving people fuller lips safely and effectively, with outcomes they’ll love for many months ahead.

Using Revolax for lip enhancement comes with its set of risks, just like any cosmetic procedure. Some people might have an allergic reaction or show sensitivity to Lidocaine, which is part of Revolax’s formulation. There’s also a risk of infection, skin discoloration or the appearance of small lumps known as nodules.

In rare situations, more serious issues could happen. Tissue damage is one such concern along with necrosis (where tissue dies) or vascular occlusion (a blockage in a blood vessel). These problems are severe and need quick attention. 

Also, if not done carefully, there’s a chance that Revolax could move from where it was placed or spread unevenly. This can cause bumps or asymmetry in the lips – meaning they don’t match.


Revolax lip augmentation is a popular and effective method for enhancing lip volume and achieving natural-looking results. By understanding the formulation, procedure, expected outcomes, and potential risks of Revolax, medical professionals can perform the procedure effectively, while patients can make informed decisions about their lip enhancement journey. With its versatility and long-lasting effects, Revolax continues to be a sought-after option for lip augmentation and facial contouring. Only order Revolax online from trusted and reputable sources such as Glow Health.


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