VISCODERM® Hydrobooster

VISCODERM® Hydrobooster


Manufacturer: IBSA Institut Biochimique SA

Buy Viscoderm hydrobooster at the best price from 1 unit. Viscoderm Hydrobooster is a re-absorbable medical device (sterile, pyrogen-free and physiological gel) used to restore intradermal hydration and to help improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. The main ingredient is cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is not of animal origin, produced by bacterial fermentation. Viscoderm hydrobooster has very good market reviews

Product Information

TO BE SOLD WITH MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION ONLY. The product is intended for use by authorized medical practitioners only. Do not use for indications different from those described in this instruction leaflet.


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid........................................................................25 mg/g
Phosphate buffer, water for injectable solutions................................................1.1 g


VISCODERM® hydrobooster is available in a 1.1 ml pack. Each pack contains:

  • instruction leaflet
  • sealed blister containing one 1 ml pre-fi  single use/disposable syringe and 2 adhesive product traceability labels to be applied to the patient’s record;
  • 2 sterile Terumo needles 29G X 1/2”

Method of Use

VISCODERM® hydrobooster should be injected in the dermis with the aim of restoring intracutaneous hydration and contributing to improvement of the structure and elasticity of the skin. The supplementation of the extracellular matrix helps create a physiological environment conducive to cell vitality. The presence of hyaluronic acid with a low-percentage of cross-linking ensures that the effects are maintained for prolonged periods of time.

Intended Use

VISCODERM® hydrobooster is an injectable medical device for restoring intradermal hydration and to help improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. VISCODERM® hydrobooster is a skinbooster  which,  thanks  to  its rheological properties and viscosity, is specifically indicated for dynamic areas of the face, such as the perioral and periocular zones.

The treatment results depend on the skin type and the nature of the imperfections.

Instructions for Use

Prior to each treatment with VISCODERM® hydrobooster, the medical practitioner must perform an adequate anamnesis and an overall assessment of the patient’s condition, in order to ensure absolute absence of contra-indications to the implant.

Local anaesthetic may be used for treatment of the perioral area, with the purpose of ensuring the patient’s comfort.

Before treatment the medical practitioner must explain the procedure to the patient including its nature, warnings, precautions, possible individual results, potential adverse reactions, the expected duration of the implant and the eventual possibility of a follow-up treatment for maintaining and/or refining the obtained results.

Before proceeding  with  the  implant,  the  treated  area  must  be  cleaned  with an antiseptic solution which does not contain chlorhexidine and quaternary ammonium salts.

Remove the syringe from the blister, unscrew the needle base and screw the needle onto the syringe’s luer-lock connection. Remove the protective needle cover only when ready to perform the treatment.

VISCODERM® hydrobooster is  administered  with  the  sterile  needles,

having standardized connections in compliance with Luer-Lock requirements, included in the package.

The implant should be injected in the dermis; the procedure is however at the medical practitioner’s discretion and depends on the correction to be performed and the injection technique applied.

After the treatment it is advisable to gently massage the treated area.

Dosage and Administration

The volumetric markings printed on the syringe are indicative: the medical practitioner will determine the dosage to be used for each individual case.

The number of treatments depends on various factors regarding the physiology of the patient (skin type, individual metabolism, anatomy, age), lifestyle and the injection techniques used. The recommended treatment protocol includes 2 sessions with a 2 month interval. To prolong the obtained results it is recommended to repeat the treatment protocol twice a year.


During the treatment, follow the precautions normally taken in cases of percutaneous procedures. The risks are those commonly connected with infection in relation to the type of treatment. VISCODERM® hydrobooster

must not be used on patients affected by:

  • infectious or inflammatory processes in the vicinity of the area to be treated
  • known hypersensitivity to Keloids
  • allergy to components
  • immune system disorders
  • chronic pathological conditions of the skin
  • disorders due to coagulation factors or in the case of ongoing anti-coagulant therapies

Around the time of the treatment, the patient should avoid taking substances (aspirin, NSAIDs, Vit. E) which affect blood fluidity, in order to minimize the possibility of bruising or bleeding of the treated areas.

Injection of  VISCODERM® hydrobooster is absolutely  prohibited in implants including tendon, bone, muscle and breast.

Following treatment, and up to complete absorption of swelling and redness, the implanted areas should not be exposed to excessive heat (sun, UV tanning sessions, lasers), nor to intense cold.

Following use, dispose of needles and syringes following the procedures for hospital waste.

Adverse Reactions, Warning, and Contraindications

Commonly in cases of percutaneous injection, certain reactions may occur:

  • inflammatory reactions (reddening, oedemas, ) sometimes associated with itching and sensitive to touch
  • haematoma
  • hardening or nodules at the point of injection
  • colouring and discolouring of the skin at the point of injection

These usually disappear after a few days. If the symptoms persist beyond a week the patient should refer promptly to her or his medical practitioner.

VISCODERM® hydrobooster is to be used intracutaneously and must not be injected into blood vessels.

No overdose phenomena or interactions with pharmaceutical drugs are known. Do not use if pregnant.

VISCODERM® hydrobooster is available in sterile single-use packs.

It is prohibited to re-use the contents for subsequent treatments or for different patients. Once opened the product should be used immediately.

Unused product must be disposed of.

Do not use the product if the package is open or damaged.

Do  not  mix  with  other  injectable  substances,  nor  use  other  implants  in conjunction with VISCODERM® hydrobooster.

The treatment should be performed in an aseptic environment, using the appropriate techniques. Fill out the adhesive traceability label present in the package and apply it to the patient’s record kept in the medical practitioner’s office.

Keep away from children.

Storage Conditions

VISCODERM® hydrobooster must be stored between 2°C and 28°C. Do not freeze Do not expose to heat sources.