STYLAGE® S 16mg/ml ml 2-0.8ml prefilled syringes

STYLAGE® S 16mg/ml ml 2-0.8ml prefilled syringes


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  • Manufacturer : Vivacy
  • Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, mannitol
  • Strength: 16mg/ml ml
  • Pack Size: 2-0.8ml prefilled syringes
  • Other Known names: STYLAGE® S (2×0.8ml)
  • Accessories : Package insert, 4-30G 1/2
  • B – Brand Name
  • RX – Prescription
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Product Information

What is Stylage S?

Stylage S is a non-animal, cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that is indicated for filling moderate to superficial wrinkles. Stylage S can also be used in techniques for rejuvenating the hands by sub-cutaneous injection or for lip reshaping. This filler should be given via injection into the superficial to mid-dermis or the lips, in the area of the wrinkle or cutaneous defect to be treated. Once injected, this filler will generate volume in the treated area. It will then be slowly resorbed into the body over a period of time. This formulation also has the added advantage of mannitol, an antioxidant used to protect the skin from harmful free radicals.

Where can I buy this product?

If you are a doctor or other licensed medical practitioner, you can buy Stylage S online at You can also phone our helpful customer care team to order wholesale. By supplying your patients with this treatment, you’ll help them correct their fine lines and wrinkles while protecting their skin from future damage.

What does this product come with?

Each box of Stylage S contains:

2 prefilled 0.8ml syringes;
4-30G½” needles;
1 package insert;
And a set of labels to ensure traceability.

What are the benefits of this product?

Stylage S is a low-viscosity dermal filler suitable for the treatment of superficial and average dermal wrinkles. A combination of hyaluronic acid and mannitol makes Stylage S unique among dermal fillers, giving the product extra durability. Clinically proven to perform well in patients, this filler is an excellent option for addressing any age-related skin concerns.

How does this product work?

Stylage S is a dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate as well as plump up your patient's skin. The hyaluronic acid also encourages the production of collagen and elastin within the face, improving its elasticity. Meanwhile, the antioxidant mannitol helps to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, as well as prolong the life of the hyaluronic acid particles.

What are the ingredients?

Stylage S is packed with 16mg/g of sodium hyaluronate, mannitol, and a physiological pH phosphate buffer.