BELOTERO® BALANCE 22.5mg/ml 1-1ml prefilled syringe

BELOTERO® BALANCE 22.5mg/ml 1-1ml prefilled syringe


  • Manufacturer : Merz Pharmaceuticals
  • Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid
  • Strength: 22.5mg/ml
  • Pack Size: 1-1ml prefilled syringe
  • Accessories : Package insert, 1-27G 1/2” needle, 1- 30G 1/2” needle, 2 traceability labels
  • B – Brand Name
  • RX – Prescription

Product Information

Buy Belotero Balance to fill moderate facial wrinkles and lines. Belotero are injectable, resorbable hyaluronic acid-based products. Help your patients achieve dramatically younger looking skin and order today. We strive to offer you the lowest wholesale prices on your desired medical supplies, so we will do our best to match or beat a lower price elsewhere. You can make your purchases over the phone through one of our customer service representatives, or you can securely order your desired products through our website.

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What is Belotero Balance?

Made of sodium hyaluronate, Belotero Balance is a high performance dermal filler that helps to correct the appearance of moderate folds and wrinkles on the face. Furthermore, Belotero Balance is effective against atrophic scars. Doctors also use this filler to augment the lips for improved definition. Belotero Balance is a product of Anteis SA (which operates under the parent company Merz Pharma).

Buy Belotero Balance to fill moderate facial.

What are the features of Belotero Balance?

Established safety profile: No pre-treatment allergy test is needed, as Belotero Balance has a non-animal origin. It is not associated with any immunogenic reactions. This formula is FDA-approved.
Monophasic in nature: The monophasic hyaluronic acid in Belotero Balance has a higher volumizing ability compared to other biphasic fillers.

What accessories/items come with Belotero Balance?

1 pre-filled syringe
2 sterile 27G1/2” needles
2 sterile 30G1/2” needles
2 traceability labels
1 package insert

How does Belotero Balance work?

The hyaluronic acid in Belotero Balance binds with water in the skin, subtly filling in wrinkles and lines. Lidocaine (alternatively known as lignocaine) is able to induce local anesthesia through the inhibition of voltage gated sodium channels. This helps to alleviate injection-related pain and discomfort.

What are the ingredients of Belotero Balance?

Cross- linked sodium hyaluronate (22.5 mg/mL)
3.0 mg lidocaine hydrochloride (Belotero Balance w/lidocaine only)
Phosphate buffer